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Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

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Icy North

Deathlist 2020 update:

I’ve received 8 entries and 1 pledge.

One of the entries is from a returning player from the past. I’ll leave you all to guess who that might be smiley - smiley

If anyone’s in contact with Pink Paisley or Coelacanth, I’d be grateful if you could give them a nudge!

smiley - cheersIcy

Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

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logicus tracticus philosophicus

Squeek squeek I know who it is raby burns is a clue...

Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

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Icy North

Just over 2 hours to go in Deathlist 2019.

I have 10 confirmed entries for next year, but I haven't yet heard from Pink Paisley. As he's a long-time player who normally recycles his list, and as I have unused spare picks he sent me in previous years, I'm taking the decision to include him in the 2020 contest. If he subsequently withdraws, that's fine.

Havng said that, PP only joined last year's contest at 23:15 on New Year's Eve, so the night is yet young.

I'll post the 2020 pages sometime tomorrow morning.

smiley - skull Icy

Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

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Icy North

The 2019 contest is now closed - congratulations to the winner, Coelacanth! smiley - pggb

New lists are now available for 2020:

Deathlist 2020 Homepage: A87926953
Deathlist 2020 Scoreboard: A87926962

Deathlist 2020 official thread and intro: F22162859?thread=8323544
Deathlist 2020 Not On The List thread: F22162859?thread=8323545

Deathlist Archive: A87874582

smiley - skullsmiley - space Icy

Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

Post 65

Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

smiley - cheersIcy and congrats to smiley - bluefishsmiley - bubbly

Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

Post 66

logicus tracticus philosophicus

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-51394855 Kirk Douglas is on the lists of 5 players

Deathlist 2019 Game Pick (official) thread

Post 67

Icy North

Hi Logicus - we have new conversation threads for the 2020 game - see F22162859?thread=8323544

I also keep the Deathlist Archive page updated with all the links - see A87874582

smiley - cheers Icy

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