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Posted: 18th February 2019

Windmills of Our Minds

Windmill Landscape by bobstafford
What question will be asked
about this photo?
Read the h2g2 Post
to find out.

We are full of mystery this week. Who met an astronaut? Which two Researchers have look-alike cats? Whose vegetables went fractal? Who wrote the story with the word 'zombie' in the title? (The answer may surprise you.)

We're not going to tell you what's in this issue. You'll have to go exploring to find all the astonishing photos, mind-boggling quizzes, exciting stories, informative Stuff, entertaining videos, and useful writing tips for yourself. You don't need a Sherpa, just your fingers, eyes and ears.

The only hints we'll give you are in the quotes below. Happy hunting! When you find these gems, leave messages. Also remember to send more Stuff: photos, art, stories, poems, videos… Whatever your medium of choice is, we'd love for you to share it!

And have a good week!

Quotes from This Week's Issue:
One-half of a cat puzzle
  • I like eating vegetables, but I also like studying them...
  • Flames engulfed the blackened pan and the thing that was once an egg.
  • ...the film's most diabolical creation is a song called 'Catchy Song'...
  • Women scare least, they do in a factory!
  • I hadn't even had 'meet an astronaut' on my Bucket List so I had to revise it – just so I could cross it off!
  • It is fairly easy to protect chickens against these carnivores…

Goodbye, Oppy

REMINDER: Our new book, Colours of Wildlife: An Artist's Celebration of Biodiversity, by Willem, can still be ordered from Lulu. You know you want this.

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