Urban Shaman (III)

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Urban Shaman (III)

A dark and stormy night

For us relationships, when they occur, can be physically powerful and if they fail, emotionally devastating to a degree that no ordinary person could stand: When we go insane with grief, the mountains shudder, the heavens open up and the sky fills with our rage and pain. Our commitment to the world, the future, makes us feel things differently and in such depth because this power leaves us open and hypersensitive. Ordinary, normal people carry such character armour that a piano could fall on their head without leaving a dent. We don't have that luxury. A grain of sand hitting us in the face, makes us jump as though it were a brick. We know where and when things will happen, so also know to be there or not, depending upon what is coming. Do we warn people when it's bad news? When we know they will listen and who exactly it is will listen. Mainly we say nothing and drift away, like animals before an earthquake – demonstrating by example. Most people are too reasonable, to pay attention or quote facts us at us as if either will change what is happening. Others want to burn us as witches for trying to save them. The sensible ones pack a few essentials and depart as silently as we do (the scared don't even do that). They see the truth in our eyes and run, not even looking back. We see the world today as it is and warn who we can but the shell on most people's egg/ ego is simply to thick to crack open and let the light of truth in. Their lives are just too guarded against change.

We are the world – the world is us but we must open up like seeds, mature and grow, to become part of it. All things must come to an end. this includes us and the civilisation we're part of. The signs are there for all those with eyes to see. The cohesion is breaking down, the seems are splitting and we are all going to be spilled into the void.

We cannot rescue you anymore. We cannot contain you, my children. Like a dam, this society is going to burst its banks and swamp the valley below. No time for flood warnings – The Titanic is sinking – launch the lifeboats and pray to God we all come through this latest threat to humanity, okay.

Is this truly the end? No, only a 'see-change' but not all are aware of it.

'Roll up, roll up – the next show is about to start! Take your seats for the future and kiss your current identity goodbye!'

Some people are intimidated by us – others, spooked by our intense stare.

'We look right through the acts of men' as Shakespeare so eloquently put it. Human beings are open books to us – children whose games amuse us but don't fool us. We wish they'd grow up and when they don't, like all good parents we have to remind them who's the boss and what the rules are (unpleasant for all of us as we don't like dishing out punishment, even if it's merited as it interferes with the prime purpose of life, which is growth through the mechanism of being free to chose your own route; necessity though means doing what ensures survival, even if unpopular). They hate us stepping in and call us evil because of this curtailment of their suicidal stupidity.

They call us effeminate or mistake us for homosexuals because we stand between the two worlds or the male and female paths. Sitting on the fence, we see both sides of the argument and rule with this in mind as olden day kings did once (Think, Lord of the Rings and King Arthur – we are society's Merlin or Gandalf, leading and advising where we can, in the hope we can help you avoid too many mistakes or heartache). We cannot live your life for you but we can caution you about the possible consequences of your actions.

We find you childish and pretentious in the extreme but then maybe God thinks of us as being young upstarts too? You try to teach us to suck eggs and act like we don't understand your silly symbolic language or in jokes. Grow up! We have seen more mature and ethical monkeys than you. You sabotage your own lives and think that is being clever. If you don't want to be here, that's fine but stop lying to yourself and blaming others for your unwillingness to put effort into your own lives. Go away or stay, if that's what you really you want. All the Great Spirit asks of you is that you be honest and if you cannot give that, then your entry ticket is null and void, and you will die and leave anyway. We created a world for you and how do you thank us? By treating us with contempt and the planet with disrespect. What future is there in such an attitude, for yourself, if no-one else?

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