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Posted: 8th October 2018

Science, Technology, and Nature

Mrs Hoggetts' 'New' Car by Dmitri Gheorgheni Admire the workmanship on this beautiful automobile. It's a classic, from the 1970s. Why is it here? Oh, yeah. Because it's Mrs Hoggetts' 'new' car. She's so proud of it that she took it to this year's classic and antique auto show up on Main Street. We're sharing some automotive highlights on this week's Editorial page, because we suspect some of you motor nuts might enjoy them. The rest of you, just read, and ignore the pretty-coloured blobs that decorate the text. We'll have flowers or some such next week.

Everybody on h2g2 has at least one hobby. Or an interest they spend time with. The cool thing? They share. This week's issue has an abundance of bounty in that department. We have photos from all over, information, brain teasers, opinions….well, let's get started.
Red Ford by Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Willem brings us a double feature: settle down for some scares. First, he'll tell you all about the ominously-titled 'Hell Pigs'. After that, our African correspondent takes you inside a parasitology lab. You going to learn, but don't eat lunch while you're reading. Just a tip from the photo editor.
  • We have more Science. Robbie Stamp doesn't only fly around the planet warning people that the robots are taking over. He also flies around the planet getting involved in maniacal science experiments. At least, he and Hannah Crichlow appear to have wired the former Archbishop of Canterbury up for the classic….no, not the Mind Probe! moment. Read and discuss.
  • We have some old science for you, too, from that all-round genius Goethe. Back in 1809, he wrote a novel about people and chemistry. It's all very high-toned, or is it? Take a look.
  • Red Chevy by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • Awix has returned! He appears to be in one piece. He has promised us an account of his adventures, once he's recovered. 'It's a long and somewhat unhinged story...' is his version, and he's sticking to it. In the meantime, however, he sent in a new review. You cannot keep that man out of a cinema. If the end of the planet by impending asteroid impact were announced by NASA, he'd look at his watch and say, 'Well, two hours is not a lot of time, but we might catch the feature in Oxford....'
  • Our guest quizmaster this week is Paigetheoracle, who invites you to try to guess the photo. We also want people from around the planet to try their hands at 'Happy Families'.
  • We have video. This may be more of the Editor's anatomy than you want to see. Nude finger alert.
  • From cats to sunsets, bobstafford rocks as a photographer. So does Tavaron, who reminds us that the loyal dog, though not obligatory in these pages, is always very welcome. TJ the Assistant to the Editorial Assistant Kitty has a public service announcement: when there's a blackout, keep a cool head. Also remember that the Editor's camera runs on batteries. SashaQ earns the photojournalist badge of the week with a well-spotted sign.
  • White Ford by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • Freewayriding has a showstopper of a short story this week. It is of equal import to theologians, science fiction fans, poetry lovers, and quite possibly Prof Animal Chaos. Don't miss it.
  • Suzie Q is out and about this week. First, in the form of Superfrenchie, she demonstrates what it means to 'beam up in a red shirt'. Next, she goes on a photorant about that endangered species, the phone booth. Where's the Doctor when you need him/her? Is what we want to know.
  • Finally, in addition to the usual pathetic humour and useless advice, we have an appeal to the public. We have a conundrum of a modern nature, and we want the h2g2 Think Tank[patent pending] to help us sort it out. What do you do with all the embarrassing literature our forebears left us? Weigh in on this topic, and shed some light in our darkness.
Line of Motorbikes by Dmitri Gheorgheni
Well, that's this week's lineup. Enjoy. Next week will be even weirder, no doubt.

Keep the October Create Challenge in mind. What are your thoughts/memories/inspirations, etc, on the subject of 'Friends and Neighbours'?

Also remember that October is the spookiest month. Send us your decoration snaps! Your jack o' lantern photos! Your scary songs and stories! What do you do when the night wind howls in the chimney cowls, and the bat in the moonlight flies? Tell us a ghost story. It will take our minds off politics and impending NaJoPoMo.

And have a good week, whatever you do!

Create October 2018 by Freewayriding
October Create Challenge:
Friends and Neighbours

Quote of the Week:   'There is a purity and integrity to toilets that Facebook seriously lacks.'

John Oliver

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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