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Posted: 30th July 2018

The View from Where?

A Night in Shanghai by Milla

You had to have been there. Where? Well, for Milla, it was high in the skybar over Shanghai one night. Let her tell about it – Milla's our Suzie Q Ferguson for the week. For Willem, it's looking at an unusual complex of birds' nests in South Africa, while for Bluebottle, it's a beach. On the Isle of Wight, naturally. SashaQ was in the kitchen, opening a carton of quails' eggs, and got a surprise. The Editor got one strolling down Main Street (they really do need a spellchecker at that restaurant). You get the idea.

That's why the h2g2 Post is here. To share glimpses of Life, the Universe, and Everything from wherever Researchers happen to be. This week, they make Ford Prefect proud with another super-bumper issue. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to get all the delicious goodness out.

So, what's in here?
Starfighter Lily by Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Willem's versatile this week: he has some amazing little falcons for show-and-tell. You might not want them for neighbours, at least if you're a bird, but you'll want to know all about them. He also shares his thoughts on July's Create topic of independence and belonging. Read, discuss – and remember that the topic's still open if you want to send in your ideas.
  • Not to be outdone, Bluebottle sends us a seasonal sign. Then, he waxes poetic about the artwork outside his office. When we say 'poetic', we mean 'Edgar Allan Poe-tic'. Don't look at that picture with the house lights off.
  • Of course, SashaQ had to be in there pitching. First, there's the egg discovery (see pics). Then there's a first-rate wildlife film. Judging by the enthusiastic reception of the auteur's recent Beautiful Buzzards, we expect Hedgehog Fun! to be a smash hit. We're sure this is how David Attenborough got started.
  • Speaking of film, Awix is back with a riotously musical offering and some mad one-liners. Apparently, he went to the cinema with a rather large number of women....the Editor is more and more convinced that the post of cinema critic is a babe magnet job.... Awix only sent in the one contribution, so you'll have to appreciate it twice as much. That's easy, because it's a doozy, even if you're not an Abba fan.
  • Paigetheoracle, however, has sent in both another short-short story and a cartoon. This is getting to be a Thing. Enjoy.
  • Freewayriding's work is ubiquitous, from the h2g2 Front Page to our monthly Create challenges – note: there's a new one starting mid-week, read about it here first – and, of course, the h2g2 Post. This week, FWR tells us about British jury duty. We gather it wasn't as much fun as Gilbert and Sullivan made it out to be.
  • Hoggett Lilies by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • TJ the Assistant to the Assistant Kitty has been busy learning the ropes around the Post Office. So far, he's taken several naps behind the computer monitor, rebooted the works once, and rearranged the Editor's drawers…. This week, he offers his viewing public a video poetry review. We're calling it a Literary Corner extra: three guesses as to the subject matter. Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty refuses to be left out: she joins TJ for the exciting action sequel Paws of Fury II.
  • Quizzes? Sure. Humour? Got that, too. Advice? We've got you covered, more useless than ever.

So read, enjoy, leave notes. Plan your next contribution. Send in photos, we can use them. There's a little bit of Suzie Q Ferguson in everyone. Get out in the sun. Talk to people, aliens, ducks. Come back and tell us about it.

And have a great week!

The Suzie Q Ferguson Guide to Eclipse Viewing
Eclipse night photo by Milla
Eclipse Night: Not much happening, but there are some funny clouds.
Eclipse night photo by Milla
Suzie Q Volunteer #1 (Milla): Can't see the moon. But wait! There's Mars! It should be redder. The camera is probably compensating for the sodium lamps.

SQV #2 (Tavaron): The only thing that happened outside was that I almost fell over the cat in the darkness.

SQV #3 (Superfrenchie): Lots of clouds here last night, then rain with lightning started about 15 minutes before the eclipse was due, and lasted several hours. Did not see a thing. I do feel cheated.

Useless Post Editor in North America: After the eclipse, of course, the moon got to us, big and round and smug and shining in my bedroom window and waking me up.

Create August 2018 by Freewayriding
August Create Challenge:
Alternate Adventures

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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