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Posted: 21st May 2018

Where's Your Towel?

Don't Panic, find your towel for Towel Day
First Announcement: h2g2 Researchers, you know what that picture means: a wink is as good as a nod to a blind Vogon. Towel Day is Friday, 25 May. Be sure you know where yours is. Be sure to carry it with you everywhere you go. Take pictures and send them to postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. Do not send them to the Artists, as they will be busy celebrating Towel Day. The Post will share your towel pics with the Core Team, who will spread them on social media. We will also feature them in next week's Post if you'll send them promptly.
Second Announcement: We have new merch1! Specifically, a new book! Twice-42: Wit and Wisdom from a Mostly Harmless Planet is now available from Amazon, with very prompt delivery. Order your copy today! It costs $20 US/£14.99/some odd number of euros or Altairian dollars. Try it, you'll like it, as my mom said to my dad about the tin of fruit with the Chinese writing on. There are 84 grab-bag items: short stories, personal anecdotes, essays, poems, 42-word stories, and a few surprises in this volume. Lots of different Researchers are included. You might see some familiar usernames that bring back fond memories of the last 19 years (can you believe it?). You want this. Your bookshelf craves it. It's an impressive 520 pages of laughter, tears, and pure, unadulterated weirdness.
Towels, pile of
And now for this week's issue of the h2g2 Post, which is full of Good Stuff:
  • We have nature in all its splendour, from various points around the planet. Willem shares a lovely African bird, while Bluebottle points out that on the Isle of Wight, people like squirrels. The River Dee is featured, also various amazing things you can see in France. Admire, and talk to the photographers.
  • Paigetheoracle is back to talk about caving. Have you sent in your Create contribution yet? The theme is 'Underground'.
  • Awix has been to the cinema again, and shares what he found there.
  • We have quizzes. Stretch your brain.
  • We have humour. Yes, that's what it is. Paigetheoracle likes Spike Milligan, and has written a tribute to warm the hearts of his fans. The cartoons are actually funny this week, we swear.
  • We have advice, and rants, and a rare and interesting article from the past. You can't say we didn't educate you. There's even another space video. Read, learn, brag about how much you know.
A deck chair and towel with beach view
So now you know what to do with all this information:
  • Go and make sure you know where your towel is.
  • Also find the picture-taking button on your mobile, so you can send us a photo of your towel in action on Towel Day, which is Friday.
  • Order your copy or copies of Twice-42, and be prepared to read this volume in public so that everybody else will want one, too.
  • Read this astounding issue, leave notes for the contributors.
  • Send more Stuff so we can do it again next week.

In the meantime, beware of giant waves near Tasmania, don't throw any more trash in the Marianas Trench (whoever put that plastic shopping bag down there, shame!), and dodge those seagulls on the waterfront. They will steal your chips.

Have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni




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  • Space, deep and timeless.


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1Note to Old People: 'Merch', short for 'merchandise', is what the young folk call peachy-keen Stuff you can buy to support your favourite blogger, vlogger, or cultural icon. We have merch because we are cool, and it's worth it.

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