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Posted: 2nd April 2018

The Wide Vistas of h2g2

Landscape with castle and river by bobstafford.

That stunning photo features in this week's edition of the h2g2 Post, along with more photography tips by bobstafford. Frankly, we're rendered nearly speechless by professionalism of this quality. Which didn't stop last week's View from My Window column from sparking a heated debate over squirrels, of all things. We all had an opinion about them, with research to back us up. In the meantime, the Art Team got into it over the history of the Reliant Robin, and just exactly what constitutes a motorbike, while over in Peer Review, the topic was radio, politics, and marijuana in 1970….

You get the idea. This is a passionate web community. Researchers are knowledgeable. Researchers have opinions. Researchers like to share.

You know what we don't do? Create false dichotomies. We may be nutty, but we know a hawk from a handsaw when the wind's in the right direction. And we know that there are always more than two points of view. The world has colour in it for a good reason. Things are never black and white. You know what we do? We listen to each other. And we think. That's why you're here, right?

What do you mean, you read this for the jokes? Oh, you're the one. The cartoonist appreciates.

So what have we got to argue about this week? Let us enumerate some of these goodies:
    A Vermeer painting as Youtube video
  • Willem's got the week off due to health issues. We're hoping he's up to par again soon. In the meantime, there's lots to admire in the archives. We've brought back a charming monkey for a return engagement. As Willem says, everything goes better with monkeys. Let's hope it brings our convalescent artist a smile.
  • Awix is back at the cinema again. How badly will he rant this week? You can only find out by reading 24 Lies a Second. There may never be another film as horrible as Peter Rabbit, but you can never tell.We have only two words for you: 'monsters' and 'robots'.
    Late-breaking cinema update: Awix waited until Maundy Thursday to tell me this, but he's found another film he really wants to tell you about, so it's included in this issue. It even has theology in, which is strange, since it's a film about virtual reality. Or maybe not. Just read it, okay? Tell us what you think.
  • In addition to the stunning vista, bobstafford introduces you to a very cool cat that has joie de vivre and a certain je ne sais quoi. He might give Henri, le chat noir a run for his money.
  • The zombies are gone. But it is still not safe around here. World-renowned actor Henry Letterbox is in Romania this time…what will happen next? Enjoy Part 1 of our April serial, Twice Bitten.
  • We have more fiction. I've dug up a rerun from 11 years ago. How time flies. Which is an appropriate comment for the story 'Danny's Day'. You'll have to read it to see why.
  • bobstafford has a history lesson about horses. I've got some sheet music to share with you musicians. (Molly doesn't like it much, and refuses to go to New Hampshire, wherever that is.) We have quizzes for you, and useless advice. Oh, and for that one person on the planet who likes my jokes, we have a cartoon or two.

The Time Travel Team in the Wild West in search of a fast-food place

So read, enjoy, discuss, and send more of these entertaining stories, thoughtful essays, and astounding photographs!

And may spring finally bless you with sunshine and flowers! Have a great week out there.
An April Fool parking ticket, misdated
Breaking Post News: It seems that April Fool came early this year.

A shout-out to yesterday's mini-meet. Galaxy Babe reports that a good time was had...and adds, 'Oh, and the car parking ticket I bought (on Saturday afternoon, 31st March) was dated 01 April. Sigh...'

Life goes on.

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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