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Spot the Metal Band 2018 Quiz - Answers

If you happened upon this page by accident, it won’t make a lot of sense. Well, it may not make a lot of sense anyway, but you know what I mean  —  Take the quiz first!

If you arrived here from the quiz, then here are the answers, with some superfluous commentary.

1. Assassins Guild

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a criminal society featuring in some of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels)

2. Beheaded *Metal Band*

Malta’s second death metal band Beheaded, formed in 1991, released their 5th album Beast Incarnate in 2017. According to the review in Decibel magazine, ‘… There is a combination of forceful explosive death metal madness with melodic leads and rapid tremolo picking.’

3. Bloodwipe

Made-up, sorry! (It’s an old legal term meaning to hit someone, drawing blood)

4. Body Count *Metal Band*

Possibly the most well-known band in this list, Body Count were formed in Los Angeles in 1990, and are fronted by rapper Ice-T. They have had some chart success over the years, even reaching No 28 in the UK in 1994 with the title track from their album Born Dead.

They hit the headlines in 1992 after a wave of protest over the songs Cop Killer and KKK Bitch, culminating in the actor Charlton Heston reading out the offensive lyrics at a Time Warner shareholders’ meeting. After the shareholders started to receive death threats, the band parted company with the label.

The band released their 6th album Bloodlust in 2017.

5. Budapestilence

Made-up, sorry! (It’s just a random amalgam of Budapest and pestilence)

6. Caligula’s Horse *Metal Band*

Formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2011, Caligula’s Horse are an alternative progressive rock band. Their 4th album, In Contact, released in 2017, is described by the Metalstorm site as ‘a concept album’. Some things never change.

7. Cradle of Filth *Metal Band*

The peaceful county of Suffolk, England is famous for sugar beet, the Cathedral of St Edmund the Martyr, and, since 1991, the extreme metal band Cradle of Filth, fronted by vocalist Dani Filth. According to Wikipedia, their lyrical themes and imagery are heavily influenced by Gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films.

Their 12th album Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay was released in 2017, and reached No 15 in the German album chart.

8. Dance Upon Nothing

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a euphemism for hanging)

9. Dead Neanderthals *Metal Band*

Dutch duo Dead Neanderthals have been performing their unusual blend of jazz improvisation and heavy metal since 2012. The Quietus magazine described their 2012 album Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap as a mighty "pounding headache of rampaging blastbeats, distorted foghorn drones and radioactive seagull squalls".

As a trio, they released the album Craters in 2017.

10. Exhumed *Metal Band*

Formed by teenager Matt Harvey in San Jose, California in 1990, Exhumed are a fairly traditional death metal band. They recorded their 8th studio album Death Revenge in 2017.

Here’s their cover of Led Zeppelin’s No Quarter.

11. Ghost Bath *Metal Band*

Originally claiming to be from China for publicity purposes, black metal band Ghost Bath were actually formed in Minat, North Dakota in 2012. They released their 3rd album Starmourner in 2017.

12. House of Lords *Metal Band*

Formed in 1987 in Connecticut, House of Lords is a hard rock band who in their heyday toured with Cheap Trick, Ozzy Osbourne and The Scorpions. They released their 11th studio album Saint of the Lost Souls in 2017.

13. Infra Pig

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a play on ‘infra dig’, short for ’infra dignitatem’: ‘beneath one’s dignity’, a 19th-century snobbish term)

14. Jörmungandr

Made-up, sorry! (literally ‘big monster’, it’s Thor’s arch-enemy in Norse Mythology)

15. Learning Difficulties

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a recently discovered clinical condition afflicting disruptive schoolchildren)

16. Lend Me Your Brain

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a phrase famously used by the Australian Cricket team when sledging the England players during an Ashes series: ‘Oi Tufnell! Lend us your brain - we’re building an idiot!’)

17. Municipal Waste *Metal Band*

Featuring guitarist Ryan Waste, the crossover thrash band Municipal Waste were formed in Richmond ,Virginia in 2000. Song Lyrics are generally concerned with alcoholism, mutants, or thrash metal, and titles are generally comedic or at least bad puns, such as their 2017 album Slime and Punishment.

18. Planning for Burial *Metal Band*

Not actually a band, but a solo project, Planning for Burial is the creative outlet for singer songwriter Thom Wasluck from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Wasluck plays all the instruments and record at home. He also performs solo.

Planning for Burial’s 3rd full album Below the House was released in 2017.

19. Thanatorium

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a place where people are received to be killed)

20. Zombie & Son

Made-up, sorry! (It’s a play on the Charles Dickens novel ‘Dombey And Son’)

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