Clash of the Argonauts Round III

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As Christmas tradition dictates, we at last get to enjoy the Quarter Final of the tense, edge-of-your-seat drama that is Clash of the Argonauts - the fight between the creatures that feature in Ray Harryhausen's Greek Mythology films!
Team TitanTeam Jason

Team Jason:

A picture of 'Jason and the Argonauts' by Wowbagger


A large seven-headed dragon with two tails.


An army of seven skeletons, five armed with swords and shields, two with spears.


A 100-feet tall gigantic statue with a weak ankle.

Wildcard: Harpies

Two creatures with women's faces, bat-like wings and clawed hands and feet.

Team Titan:

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The Kraken is a giant mountainous four suckered armed creature with a fishy tail that eats princesses for breakfast.


Once a beautiful woman who has been transformed into a reptilian creature with snakes instead of hair, whose body is covered with scales, has a rattle-snake tail and can only move by dragging herself around on her arms. Anyone who looks into her eyes is turned into stone and her blood is poisonous; a keen archer, she uses poison arrows based on her own blood.


A flying horse.

Wildcard: Scorpions

Three giant man-high scorpions created from the spilt blood of Medusa's severed head. Their sting is fatal.


The first round saw the defeat of love goddess Aphrodite, Bubo the bronze owl, Charon the skeletal ferryman, the Stygian Witches, a statue of goddess Thetis and the giant Vulture. Having enjoyed a short rest, it is time for the survivors to begin the second round.

The second round saw the defeat of Dioskolos, the Harpies, the figurehead of Hera, Calibos, Triton and Scorpions – however according to the rules, this is the last opportunity for the teams to play their wildcard and resurrect a formerly defeated player. Both teams have played their wildcard; Harpies and Scorpions have been resurrected for teams Jason and Titan respectively.

Quarter Final

The first fights involve the resurrected players – will they fare better this round?

Medusa v Harpies

The first Harpy makes the mistake of looking at Medusa shortly after the fight begins and is instantly turned to stone, falls to the floor and smashes into millions of pieces. The other successfully avoids looking at Medusa, so doesn't see how Medusa aims at her with her poisonous arrows, killinh her instantly. Another

Winner: Medusa
Team Titan

Scorpions v Talos

At first the scorpions seem to have the upper sting, if not hand, as all three rush at Talos' ankles, aiming to use their claws to untwist the plug that keeps his ichtor or life-fluid safe. Sensing their attack the giant metallic statue uses his bronze feet to stamp on one of the scorpions, squashing it flat. It then wades out to sea and starts throwing rocks at the remaining two, scoring a direct hit on one. The remaining scorpion decides to bury itself underground on the shoreline where rocks cannot get it. Unfazed, Talos uses his colossal spear to stab down the hole, impaling the last scorpion.

Winner: Talos
Team Jason

Pegasus v Hydra

Pegasus made the mistake of swooping low to attack the Hydra by kicking its hooves, only for its forelocks to be bit by the poisonous heads. All over too soon.

Winner: Hydra
Team Jason

Kraken v Skeletons

The skeletons had arrogantly assumed they were invincible, however time and tide wait for no man, nor skeleton neither. The Kraken had previously destroyed the marble streets, temples and houses of Argo and so the skeletons were barely a challenge. The Kraken used its giant bulk to create a massive tidal wave that swept them away and ground their bones to dust.

Winner: Kraken
Team Titan

Survivors to Semi Finals

Both teams have two survivors proceeding undefeated to the Semi Finals. Who will win the penultimate round of Clash of the Argonauts? Find out next Christmas!

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