Pics from a Small Planet #1

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This photo comes from the h2g2 Post's collection of submissions to Create's November project. We'll be posting a photo a day for the month of November.

You Have Minions, Don't You?

Guess whose TV this is?

We promised the first spot to Prof Animal Chaos. He sent his in first. Besides, this is a perfect image to begin the month with. It's all about observing, and these guys look very alert. It tells you something about the Prof that he can watch TV with these little guys looking back. It tells you something, but we won't say what. . .

Editor's thoughts: I've just seen Blade Runner 2049, and I've been thinking about minions. Not these fellas, but minions in general. It struck me that the Blade Runner bureaucrats were like most control freaks: what they really wanted was servants who would do exactly what they themselves would do in any given situation – only more efficiently, and in a way that saved the control freaks the effort. That's a pretty lousy attitude, and it never works. Serves them right if the minions rebel and take over what's left of the planet.

The Prof has a better idea. May all your minions be whimsical.

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