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Ringing the Changes

The master musician composes

It's time to ring the changes, to create new patterns from the echoes of the old, each note to become a sonic stepping stone, traversing the sticky gloop of all my broken-down anxiety.

Ah yes, I'm ringing the changes, each note a lit-up drop of sonic essence, flowing to the next note and the next, to form a sequence so perfect in its peculiar prayerfulness, it has become a vertiginous angel, arcing and swooping through the dimensions of sound.

Fall to earth, you daft angel, but please land carefully. I must yet be wary of your dizzy heights, in case I slip.

Perch for just a moment on my piano with your wings wrapped around you, while I get used to ringing the changes, new patterns forming from the echoes of the old, note by note by note.

A vertiginous angel

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