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Posted: 15th May 2017

Spring in the Air
(Just be sure you land on both feet)

DaffodilsI wandered, wrapped in scarf and coat,
Admiring, round my chilly lawn,
The freezing rain has filled the moat,
My daffodils have come and gone...

Alas, spring is a sometime thing this year. We can't complain. At least, not when we hear about the snow in Austria. . .

We hope you're faring better. If so, send pics. We like to see flowers, besides the ones we have in pots. Which we're taking out daily for air and sun, and hiding in the house from the cold night air. The calendar says 2017, but this is looking more like 1816. Phooey. Let's cheer ourselves up with some good reading. We've got lots for you this week.

Willem's got a nyala for us, and tells us how to pronounce it. We expect you to practice. If you're anywhere near Hampshire (is that a trick question?), you might want to go and look at the wonder Icy North has found for us. If not, just enjoy the photo. Either way, help caption it.

Awix has cinema, full of 'sex, violence, and Russian literature'. FWR has a new motorbike. When he's back on his feet, we're sure he'll be out on it. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City has a glove. We want you to figure out what's special about it.

Nigel complains about politicians running up long-distance phone bills. SashaQ finds a new approach to bothering Cleverbot. I dredge up grudges from the past, from media bias in the 1850s to machine translation in the 1950s.

Rain or shine, we snark away. Read, leave more snark, plan revenge. We want suggestions for improving the world! We want your stories and drawings for those imaginary maps! Uncharted Atlas, remember? We want your photos of the unusual, such as actual flowers in actual gardens! Above all, we want you. Show and tell!

And have a great week in between the raindrops.
What the Post Editor's back garden looks like on a sunny day.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Nyala by Willem.
  • A diving suit from 1939.



  • FWR's bike is turning Japanese.
  • Chicago Tribune Office in 1849.

  • Create May Challenge 2017.
  • A question about a glove.

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