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Here's what the Fake News people are missing: the real world is so much more amazing than the Fake News, it's not even funny. A dedicated Researcher need never run out of truly astonishing and nearly unbelievable things to wonder at. Want proof? This document was actually written by a real US army colonel. He has the credentials to prove it.

Prayer for the First Earth Battalion

A lone soldier against an industrial landscape.

Here at the h2g2 Post, we wish to point out that in this New Year, we would only hope that more military types would adopt the attitudes expressed in Lt Col (ret'd) Jim Channon's First Earth Battalion Manual. Less competition and more synergy might help this poor planet right about now.

Lt Col Channon was portrayed by actor Jeff Bridges in the film The Men Who Stare at Goats. We have nothing against goat-staring, as long as no goats are harmed in the process. (And yes, we're aware that those were fainting goats in the movie. We've known some, and they're blasé about the fainting.)

We found this prayer in the Manual, and found it inspirational.

Earth Prayer

Mother Earth. . . my life support system. . .as a soldier. . . I must drink your blue water. . . live inside your red clay and eat your green skin.

I pray. . . my boots will always kiss your face and my footsteps match your heartbeat. . .

Carry my body through space and time. . .

You are my connection to the universe. . . and all that comes after.

I am yours and you are mine

I salute you

See? Explore what's out there before you start making it up, people.

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