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Posted: 9th January 2017

It Leaps Out at You

A cat about to jump out of a bag. Sometimes, things just jump out at you. Besides the kitty, I mean. Like the sudden realisation that a new year is well underway, and we haven't made any resolutions yet.

Now, the Post Editor is a notorious enemy of the New Year's Resolution, feeling that the date is arbitrary and success in these self-conscious reforms highly unlikely. However, this year, I will make an exception, and propose a suitable New Year's Resolution for all our readers. It's simply this:
Expect the Unexpected.

I don't just mean in this newspaper. You're used to that. I mean: the world is strange. Get used to it. Don't worry about the resolutions. Just meet the challenges as they come. And may the Force be with you.

We've got all sorts of good Stuff for you this week, to help you meet the challenges of January. Minorvogonpoet and Cactuscafe show us two ways to stop the world. Appreciate, and think about your response to this month's Create topic.

We get you ready for the US presidential inauguration by showing you fashion. We also offer a prayer we found in the internet archive. We think it's appropriate, if a bit. . . well, you'll see. It's brought to you by those goat-staring people.

We hope to make you laugh, and make you think. MVP is here with musings on immortality (that used to be a Thing), while I natter on about history, and what it does to the generations. Willem has another cute critter, proving that nature never disappoints. Apparently, 2017 is starting well for cinema – at least, Awix is pleased with what he saw this week.

There are a few surreal moments in this issue, and that doesn't even include the inaugural stuff. So take it all with a grain of skepticism and a soupçon of faith. This, too, shall pass. Eventually my cold will get better, the snow will melt, and the skies will be clear again. We may not make sense of it all, but we'll have fun trying.

Best wishes to our FWR out on the highway – he's promised us more motorcycle tales – and for the rest of you, have a great week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Red Duiker by Willem.
  • Moon in a tree, a Magritte Moment.



  • Snow globe magic.
  • A patient in a wheelchair.

  • Create January Challenge 2017.
  • A woman in a red dress with a really large black hat.

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