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Posted: 26th September 2016

Seeking New Horizons

A view, by Amy. The photo at left is from Amy Pawloski's ongoing Yellowstone saga. This week, the Paperclan is awakened by a coyote, and there is a Shoe Emergency. You won't want to miss this exciting installment. There's some cool scenery in there, too.

Speaking of cool scenery, check out Galaxy Babe's latest report on space. New planet found, and there's more news about that record-shattering European comet adventure. Always bookmark Babe Among the Stars for your skywatching calendar.

Did somebody mention skywatching? Well, Freewayriding's been at it. He snapped this vista near Manchester one evening. What does it all mean? Anybody got a degree in ouranomancy? (Look it up, lazy.) Help us caption the picture.

Ah, thinking about 'things you look up'...check out the Post quiz. We'll help you pass your next music test. And then there are the philosophers...this week, we delve deep into the mad (but highly entertaining) world of that Slovenian Marxist Hegelian, Slavoj Zizek...we don't know what Awix will be on about this week, but we're sure it will be equally deep, so we'll put him in this paragraph, too. Hm, it's about somebody named Bridget Jones...that's philosophical, isn't it? Doesn't she hang out with Judith Butler? Paulh responded to Create's September challenge with an essay that will open your eyes to why singing in public can be a bridge-building exercise that erases all manner of boundaries. (Catch him in the musical section at bottom.)

Our Literary Corner is pretty philosophical, come to think of it: we explain the connection between street corner singing and a much more pompous form of music that was really just an excuse for getting out of the house and having a beer with the boys.

Sneaky? That describes FWR's cats. They love to hunt. So far, they've fetched in a mole and a shrew to decorate the garden. Our photographer/artist believes they have designs on larger prey, however…though not the Golden Takin, that legendary, gentle herbivore who is to be found in this week's Colours of Wildlife. Willem will tell you all about it.

Isn't free association wonderful? Now you know all about what's in this week's issue, and why you want to read and comment. And the Editor can go back to annoying people in the convo threads…

Enjoy this one, send more Stuff, and have a great week, everyone!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Golden Takin and baby by Willem.
  • A weird sky by FWR.



  • Arco.
  • Jax builds a cow trap.

  • Create September

  • All God's creatures got a place in the choir.
    Tell us about your music-making experiences.


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