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Can you think of a snappy caption for this odd picture? Of course you can. You're a h2g2 Researcher.

Waiting His Turn

The resident chipmunk catches what the birds drop at the bird feeder.

The bird feeder chez Gheorgheni is a big hit. The birdies mob the thing. In fact, we dare not run out of birdseed. The first night, frantic birds damaged one of the bottom bays when the seed level got too low. (Now we take the feeder in at night.)

Bigger birds – such as Red, the cardinal who looks just like the star of the Angry Birds movie, and that sassy bluejay – have to get what the little birds drop. So does this tiny chipmunk, because he can't climb up the rebar stand. The chipmunk's practically taken up residence under the bird feeder. Otherwise, he sleeps in the unused drainpipe beside our porch.

We've also seen a rabbit, a grey squirrel, a red squirrel, and a doe. But the doe passed up the birdseed in favour of all our green tomatoes, which I hope gave her a bellyache. She left incriminating hoofprints in the garden bed, so we know it was her and not the next-door groundhog.

Have I mentioned that all this is happening one block from the main drag in town? At least the bear's stayed away. He only ambled down Main Street to the pizza place. Unhealthy eaters, those bears…

Can you come up with something suitable for the chipmunk to say about all this?

P.S. Obviously, one grey squirrel is one too many. The greedy beggar demolished the bird feeder you see above – within a week. He pulled off all the bays, and let all the seed fall out. We were pretty mad. But we went over to the Tractor Supply Store, and they had what looks like the answer:

New bird feeder

It's pretty, yes. But more importantly: it's made of metal. Let's see those squirrel teeth do anything with that. Also, the birdies can sit on the perches, but when a big, fat squirrel pushes down on the perch, the pressure closes the lid on the seed dishes.

Will our little friends be able to eat their meals in peace? Keep your fingers crossed. It says 'squirrel-proof'. We'll see.

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