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Posted: 8th August 2016

Free Time Activities

A spiffy hat the Editor made during downtime. Ah, August. The month when you combat hot weather with ice cream and lemonade. When you spend two hours at the pool and change colour. (Fire Engine Red is not a good shade for us.) When you sit on the porch and work on your knitting...

Oh, stop complaining. We don't run that many knitting articles. We do? Well, at least I didn't mention the Isle of Wight at the same time…Okay, on to better topics.

Our contributors have been doing a lot of useful things with their copious free time, and other than the Editor, not one of them has mentioned knitting. Willem won a badge for bird spotting. We're impressed. We're doubly impressed by this colourful bird. Read and learn.

Awix is impressively cinematic, as always, with the latest in the thrilling Bourne saga. The birds in our garden have been giving us a riveting show by mobbing the bird feeder: the chipmunk's polite about it. The grey squirrel? Not so much. But we think we have him stymied this time. Stay tuned.

A guest photographer from over at the Hoggett farm pointed her camera skyward and captured a truly breathtaking sunset. Admire, make a t-shirt, send us your weather photos. We think Kitkat's pretty zen.

Freewayriding? Well, he's working on it. We have another report from his Spain trip. This one doesn't have UFOs. Instead, it has noisy kids. Weigh in on the h2g2 Rant. (By the way, send us your rants, we love 'em. Y'all are the pleasantest, most perspicacious ranters in the blogosphere.)

Once FWR has taught you to be zen at the poolside, we'll let our Literary Corner guest tell you how to be zen at the kids at home. Apparently, it is possible to improve the little darlings' characters by thinking at them. Who knew? This information should be of vital interest to parents and educators everywhere.

As usual, we have snark. We have humour. We even have snarky humour, what a concept. We've got a quiz that should make those eureka lightbulbs go off in your heads. But hey, don't stress. It's August, and you should only do what relaxes you. Like loom knitting… (Only kidding, don't throw things.)

We hope you enjoy the issue, and your week. Take care, and if you go outside, remember your sunscreen and hat!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

(Smarter than the average human.)
  • Black-fronted Shrike by Willem.
  • The new bird feeder. The squirrel ate the other one.

(At least, most of the time.)

(You could keep a side of meat in them for a month.)

  • Sunset at the farm by Kitkat.
  • Fun in the sun.

(Okay, but two out of three ain't bad.)
(And you can be one, too.)
  • Create August Challenge.

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