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Posted: 4th July 2016

Under the Bridges of Paris

Flooded Paris, 2016. We suspect it was pretty damp under those bridges recently. And on top of some of them, too. Superfrenchie sent us this picture of the flood in Paris. Minorvogonpoet was there, too, and brings us a report of what it was like to try to get around in it. Unlike Freewayriding, MVP is able to read French road signs, which was probably a help. (And Superfrenchie speaks the lingo like a native.) Catch up on the weather info in this issue.

What the political weather is like in the UK we leave to you. We're still trying to figure that one out. If you have ideas, thoughts, cartoons, etc, bring 'em on. The world needs to be enlightened. We do have a rant column. Since Bluebottle and I each did one, it is now officially a Tradition.

Besides flooding and early morning political upheaval, h2g2ers have faced other challenges. Tavaron has an infestation of science fiction proportions. Check it out, and offer gratuitous advice, preferably in your best Trekolalia.

Speaking of advice, Prof Animal Chaos has some for you lazy seniors. Prepare to feel the burn as you try out his new Yorkshire fitness regimen. Magwitch might need some cat care advice: she's expecting a new kitty in a couple of months. Admire the newborns. Yes, we are not above cute cat photos as Vogons are not above corruption…

Enjoy the snark. Wonder at nature. Ponder the latest in film. And get out there and send more Stuff! We're on a roll that even Brexit and the US election cycle can't stop.

Have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Thickbilled Weaver by Willem.
  • A dandelion wonders what to say at the blue flower convention.



  • Flooding in the south of France.
  • Tavaron has a tribble infestation.

  • Create July Challenge.

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