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Okay, its on my shopping list.

I've been trying to find something for the teeming kangaroo rat population the local feral cat population left behind (I really think they may have been simply dragging them home to play with them and then letting them go) when they departed that won't be a hazard to the resident desert racer*.

Maybe Marmite will do.

A snake (harmless type) that came with the place, was here before the house went in, and has a litter of baby snakes under the front porch annually.


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Erm .. disclaimer ...this story has nothing to do with anything. smiley - rofl

Actually, ITI, I think various snakes and kangaroo rats might love Marmite, in fact it might tempt their families to joint the feast, so .. erm... yes .. do you still like me? smiley - loveblushsmiley - run


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To joint the feast?

an innocent typo. And has nothing to do with anything ....

smiley - rofl

where is that typo smiley, I need it!


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If it attracts crickets, the desert racer (snake) won't mind.

If it frightens kangaroo rats away, so much the better.

smiley - smileyAnyway, it will do no harm.smiley - biggrin


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Do desert racers eat crickets then?

How big is a cricket? Like, cicada size, grasshopper size?

I'm in love with Marmite. smiley - rofl. My brain is made of it, which could explain the story. I drink a cupful every evening, quarter of a teaspoon with hot water. Ah yes.


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The local crickets are about 2cm in length and are the #1 item on the menu of the desert racer.

They're not extremely musical as crickets go, but on a hot summer evening with temperatures over 120F/49C the separate beats of their song merge into a continuous tone somewhat like that of a cicada.


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Interesting. I'd like to record that sound, make a mix from it. The Cali Cricket Mix. smiley - roflsmiley - musicalnote

Does the desert racer swallow them whole? I guess snakes don't chew.

It would be weird eating crickets, but then I'm not a desert racer.

It's bad enough eating flies. I don't tend to eat flies as a general rule, because I'm a vegetarian, and also a human. In fact I only eat about one fly every two years. I ride a bike, see, and sometimes when I'm speeding downhill they either fly into my eye so I nearly crash, or else I eat them by mistake because I'm breathing through my mouth.

Which is quite interesting, but not that interesting.

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