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Posted: 4th January 2016

Snug But Not Smug

Twa Scottish dogs. No, really. They are Scottish dogs, and there are twa of them. Okay, it was inevitable. After all the hard work you people did during December to make each Post issue in that festive month memorable and full-to-overflowing with h2g2-wy goodness, January came and…you didn't. Of course not. You were all either too busy popping Christmas crackers and listening to Her Majesty, or snoozing in front of the fake fire on the television, to send me any Stuff. That's okay, I forgive you. Sort of. But I feel it is my duty to motivate you now…

Cue ominous music, vaguely reminiscent of that movie score you've been listening to instead of working…the one with the heavy breathing in…

Note our January Motivational Speakers' Forum below. The project: confuse a human. We've collected the most baffling, puzzling, annoying conundra we could find to keep you awake with. The Post has also enlisted its most energetic motivators to help out.

Oh, okay, we confess. The kitties were the only ones we could get at. Everybody else was napping, too, but they locked the doors.

So all right, all right, we'll let you be lazy this week, but we expect Stuff soon! If you have any last-minute thoughts on holiday music, send 'em in. Create is here with a new and exciting challenge which will send you to your respective drawing boards. Seriously, as the cat editorial assistants say. (They work cheap, at least, and the family sent salmon treats in the Christmas parcel.)

It's not all cats, all the time. Notice those twa dogs. Yes, twa of them. They are Scottish dogs, after all, here to support Mr Robert Burns' poem of that name. Enjoy. Also read the film review, and admire Willem's blast-from-the-past goose, here AFTER Christmas to make sure it didn't end up on the menu. We have a few other titbits scattered about in these pages, which we expect you to find.

But don't strain yourselves. Somehow, we know you're facing the onset of 2016 with the energy and determination it deserves.

And now excuse me. I'm overdue for my nap. smiley - yawn

PS Have a good week, everyone!

PPS Of course, there are always the last-minute arrivals who prove me wrong. (I'm always happy about that.) Some people have been putting their holiday leisure time to creative use. Check out our SashaQ, who has even made us a Youtube video! You're sure to enjoy this Create entry.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Gastornis by Willem.
  • A red telephone box in an odd place.



  • Beauty sleep.
  • Motivashun.


  • Create January Challenge.
  • Now, HE will motivate you.

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