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Posted: 7th December 2015

Deck Us All

Lola the h2g2 Shorkie. The four-and-a-half pounds of adorableness here is named Lola. (Not my fault, she came that way, an early Christmas present.) Allegedly, she is a dog. I do not believe this, and so we refer to her as 'The Doglet'. Lola is part Shih Tzu (the hairy, which-end-is-up part) and part Yorkshire terrier (the bark-to-warn-the-other-dogs-to-go-away part). They call this mélange a Shorkie, but we think of her more as the kind of creature likely to frighten Klingons and get along with tribbles. Anyway, Lola is enjoying herself at our house, and the cats have decided to tolerate her, which is nice of them since she's smaller than they are. Much smaller. Lola has nothing whatsoever to do with this week's issue of the Post (she can't read or write), but she's cute and I thought I'd show her off.

I can use Lola to segue into this week's issue, though: while I have a shaggy dog story, Florida Sailor has a shaggy cat story. And boy, is it a good one. Check it out below. Willem has a soaring tale of bird beauty, which arrived at the Post Office through online email tribulations. Thanks for persisting, Willem, and double thanks, as always, for the great art!

While we're passing out thank-yous, a huge one to the contributors and readers who participated in this year's NaJoPoMo effort. It's an enjoyable tradition with absolutely no downside other than a bit of carpal tunnel (Mags, it will get better) – the Post got (great) Stuff, and Create was so overjoyed that the Team's got big plans for the next two months.

This month, as you know, is all about holiday music. Not necessarily Christmas carols. Just whatever stirs you, sticks in your mind, or contributes to your holiday season. Tell Create about it. Send us links to videos. Send us photos of your (your kids, your cat, your dog) warbling happily. It's all about sharing. So share, already!

To encourage the recalcitrant, Your Editor has dug up the bolshiest Christmas carols in the English canon. You didn't know that the true subtext of Christmas carols is 'Come see the violence inherent in the system'? Read and learn, starting this week.

Read, enjoy, leave comments, start arguments. It's all good. And send us your photos, stories, poems, whatever you've got. Have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Avocet by Willem.
  • The Bolshoi Theatre at night.



  • An angel and a volume of Marx.
  • Ancient Elvis sighting.


  • Create December Challenge: NaJoPoMo.
  • The emblems of Amnesty International, The United Nations, The European Union and The Council of Europe.

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