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Posted: 24th August 2015

The Shipping News

The Channel at Dawn, by Robbie Stamp. Robbie Stamp took this picture. What was he doing in the Channel at such an ungodly hour, you ask? (As well you might.)
He was swimming in it.

Yes, folks, another h2g2 milestone has been reached in our quest to see the wonders of the universe: Researcher5, aka Robbie, swam the Channel as part of a relay team, and has duly been registered among those elite known as Channel Swimmers. We applaud. And we want all the details, of course. Which is why did what any self-respecting newspaper does – hounded our hero on the very next day after his triumphant accomplishment. We have the interview right here. Check it out. Also, please let Robbie know how awesomely amazing we think this is.

Robbie's a brave fella, venturing out into the cold waters of the Channel. I wonder, is it okay to call it the Channel now, implying Englishness? Or should we say Pas de Calais to be PC? Robbie admits he brought his passport, but didn't need it. While Robbie was heroically swimming in chilly waters, I was wiping away sweat and swatting insects while listening to bluegrass gospel at the local Horse Thief festival. Long story: It's going on all week, and I'll get you photos from the lawn mower drag races, which I'm assured is the most 'redneck event in existence'. What were you doing this weekend? Want to tell us about it? (We won't tell the cops.)

What other adventures have we for you this week? Lots. Nichelle Nichols, Lt Uhura from Star Trek, will be going on a ride with NASA soon, and Nigel and the aliens are all aflutter. We're intrigued, though not really surprised, to discover that General Patton held up the Nuremberg Trials because he looted the evidence. (That video is narrated by Ronald Reagan, we can't stand it, we have to share…) We quiz you on vending machines, tell you where to find writing ideas, and, of course, encourage you to do some more writing of your own. We have chuckles and photos and all manner of fascinating Stuff.

Alas, what we do not have is any new artwork from our beloved Willem. smiley - wah The reason is purely technical: a hard drive in Polokwane gave up the ghost. May it rest in peace, but we hope to hear from our wildlife and nature expert again soon. In the meantime, enjoy the archive. Just so you get your nature fix this week, I've jumped in with some substitute captive vegetable matter. Don't groan: at least you can eat it. Those deer are worse than the Borg: they assimilate gardens. We expect our garden to produce at least a few more string beans and cucumbers, now that the deer repellent is working. Resistance is not futile, thanks to a Pennsylvania chemist.

Anyway, enjoy the issue, and send Stuff! And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Robbie waiting to go into the water.
  • General Patton.



  • Genet by Willem.
  • A Pennsylvania cornfield at sunset.


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