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Posted: 6th July 2015

The Road Goes Ever On

A Roman road. Have you been travelling this weekend? A lot of North American h2g2ers have. A belated Happy Dominion Day/Fourth to you all. Has your road been sunny or cloudy – or drenched in rain? Has the Satnav spoken kindly to you? Or has it said, with the late, great Yogi Berra, 'When you get to a fork in the road, take it'?

Yeah, like that. This month, the Create Team want us to think about those roads not taken. What did you almost do? How might it all have been different?

Back in 1983, Elektra said, 'I'm tired of all this German rain. I want to go somewhere sunny. I want adventure!' Go for it, I said. So she ventured over to Bonn on the train and talked to some people at an embassy about teaching jobs. I won't tell you what embassy, but it was for an emerging nation in a tropical climate.

At first, the interview went swimmingly. The ambassadorial staff were impressive: elegant, well-dressed, urbane. Then their lunch arrived…and something about the way they tore into that Wienerwald roast chicken was disturbing. Elektra reported back that she had…well, concerns about the veneer of civilisation. We went to Greece, which was sunny, fun, and low-tech. The next year, the country where we'd interviewed had a violent revolution. Nothing to do with chickens, of course, but we felt we'd dodged a bullet. And a few tanks.

So tell us about your adventures. Or someone else's. Hints in this week's issue that may jog your writing imaginations include a quiz on some famous people who started out in quite a different place from where they ended up. We also ask some what-if questions about George Washington. We always have questions about Mr Washington.

Willem takes us into the distant past this week. Check out that creature. Magwitch tells us about gamers. Awix brings us a new film. Cactuscafe looks at a pepperpot in a whole new way, and the 42 Words writers look at the world upside down, as always. Peruse, leave comments.

Enjoy your week, wherever the road takes you!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Terminator Pig by Willem.
  • George Washington looking fierce, or maybe just annoyed.



  • Critics don't like Escher's designs.
  • Pepperpot Portrait by Cactuscafe.


  • July Create.
  • Edward VII Memorial Clock Tower.

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