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Dozy Poetry

The right side of the bed and the wrong side of the bed
I'm at the point of falling asleep,
there is no need for counting sheep.
I wonder if, while in this state,
I could write a poem that's great?
My consciousness hanging by a thread,
Images rise from deep in my head.
Or should I rather say my mind,
from waking and dreaming states combined?
No matter! Now, I'll let them come,
be they clever, be they dumb.
Porcupines on silver bikes,
Parsnips pegged upon their spikes.
Leo-pards in leotards,
Dancing over glassy shards.
Sparrows holding on to harrows
As they kayak through the narrows.
Leguans must be left alone
When they speak over the phone
To spiky-armadillo-lizards,
familiars of herpeto-wizards.
Overhead an ostrich flies
Upside-down through orange skies
Flecked with clouds of cyan bright
That hum and giggle with delight.
Mountain peaks bounce up and down
The moon is in its evening gown.
The sea withdraws, the waves blush red
As crabs infest the ocean's bed.
O! The waters once so proud,
now would worry what's allowed?
No! No merely human notion
could besmirch the noble ocean.
Crab or lobster, shark or ray,
They may well stay without dismay.
Beyond the sea, upon the land,
Mussel-bunnies dig the sand
Just above the high-tide-mark,
Where they're safe from any shark.
There they dig their burrows deep.
For them now it's time to sleep.
For me too! I've come this far,
With nary a hardy-har,
So my silly poem must end,
For the sake of foe and friend.

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