My little Wooden Hut - a Prelude

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Rod's ready to move, but what about the cat?

My little Wooden Hut - a Prelude

A cat with a ball in its mouth.

When No1 Son was with us here, he brought a cat home from a rescue home and called her Shakira (Arabic, 'Thanks, Thankful'). She had been (quite badly) abused when young but was very definitely his friend and playful with him. When he left, she stayed around but was not playful with me. A large part of the problem, I feel, is that wherever I go, I take my feet with me.
She has progressed to enjoying a fondle around the ears when she's on, say, a chair or sofa at or near knee height but won't (yet?) come near me when I'm sitting.
Things are, however on the up - she started to follow us when I take Doglet for her morning walks, first a few metres then a few tens of metres and now quite often all the way to the park, where they have a scratch, a shake and a scamper if it's quiet there. They also occasionally have a chase & scamper in the house.

There is, however, a major problem on the horizon...
I'm in this great big four-bedroom house, either wafting around like a ghost in a mansion or else rattling about like a skeleton in an ossuary. Thankfully, I'll be moving to a much smaller place on my daughter's land, in some month's time.

The problem, then, is how on earth I'm going to move her.
Currently, her carrying box is next to her feeding area. She seems quite happy to rove in and out of it - and I'll soon be putting her bowl in there. Im also looking for softish material to put inside, in the hope that she'll take to sleeping in it. If she does, it will be a great help because she Does Not Like to be Lifted or Handled - and catching her would be next to impossible (and perhaps too much for her to bear anyway).

So, assuming she's in and I can close the door on her when it's time, should I take her to a cat shelter for a few days while I get myself & Doglet moved?

Problems, problems.

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