The Post Quiz: TV Characters with Spooky Powers

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Now that October's here, get ready to get spooky.

TV Characters with Spooky Powers

Willem's Halloween Delight, 2013.

We won't give you any hints. You probably don't need them. Just tell us which TV characters have the following spooky powers. Just thinking of them will help you get into the October vibe.

What TV character possesses this spooky power?

  1. Seeing the near future in photographic detail when he touches people.
  2. Getting the Chicago Sun-Times a day early.
  3. Talking to dead people in her tony antique shoppe.
  4. Being able to convince people he's psychic, even though all he has is an eidetic memory, a weird best friend, and a cool blue car.
  5. The ability to recreate a murder scene in his mind by imagining himself as the killer. (It's a mixed blessing.)
  6. The strange habit of turning into a large, green giant. (Not as much fun as it sounds.)
  7. An unassailable belief that 'the truth is out there.' (That, an FBI badge, and a large porn collection.)
  8. A transplanted Bigfoot gland that makes him able to turn invisible.
  9. A blue police box that can travel through time and space.
  10. Wizard powers, a friend who lives in his own skull, and a magical detective office in Chicago.

Have your magical senses been set tingling by these intriguing clues? Click the picture below for the answers. Check your intuition.

The Rocky Horror Fashion Show.
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