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We say goodbye to Tav's balcony garden with a final update

This is probably the last time this year that I show you pictures of my balcony garden. By now, the temperatures are sinking and the sky is the milky blue of autumn. Summer is definitely over and I'm a bit sad about that. We had a very rainy summer this year.

On the first picture you can see my two bell pepper plants. Unfortunately each of them only produced one fruit, so I don't think I will plant any of them again next year. They now seem to get new blooms, but it's too late in the year for them to get more fruit, I guess.

On the second picture you see some of my tomato plants. They got really big and have overgrown almost the whole corner of the balcony. Many of them are still green, but I expect them to still ripen in the autumn sun. Both kinds of tomatoes which I planted taste really good, so I'm happy.

The last picture shows the whole corner of the balcony where I have my tomatoes, bell peppers, roses, oleander and the lavender bush. All of them stand on a table (which I built myself) so the dog doesn't reach them. He doesn't understand that eating tomato leaves is not good for him.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my balcony this summer. Maybe I can show you more next year. Many of my plants will spend the winter in my parents' cellar, the tomatoes will of course just die and I will have to plant new ones in spring.

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