September: Guilty Pleasures

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Guilty pleasures, most of us have them. Whether it's a love of butterscotch Angel Delight, made with just enough milk for slightly less than two people and scoffing the lot, (yes, I know that a packet serves 4, but I'm sure it means 4 small children) or maybe a love of JPop.

This month we'd like to know what pleasures you have, as long they're legal.

  • Ever find yourself watching Children's Television long after the kids have gone out to play?
  • Do you listen to Rick Astley voluntarily?
  • Is Attack of the Killer Tomatoes one your favourite films? Or maybe Biohazard1?
  • Anyone for sparky vampires, or the Shades of Grey x 50?
  • Maybe you play really easy games just for achievements and find yourself recommending the game to friends because you enjoyed playing it 2?
  • Tell us about your Guilty Pleasures, these can be in the form of Guide Entries about the subject, or anecdotes that we can pop in the Post, we'll even accept a few photos, we're not fussy.

    Don't give us that innocent look, we know you're hiding something smiley - winkeye

    1Seriously? - Ed2 Yes, I'm looking at you, Rango.

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