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Posted:15th September 2014

Life's Ups and Downs

An Underground train. This moving Underground train is here to with a didactic purpose: to remind us to watch out for our neighbours. This week, Ben poses an interesting question: Just how are visually impaired and other disabled individuals supposed to get up and down those steep escalators? Especially with people using one side of same as a 'fast lane'? A 'fast lane', Brits? Really? Having been on those things, and done the escalator-mountain climb in Atlanta, Georgia, your Editor here is on Ben's side. Please keep in mind, as you hurry along, that not everyone is as nimble as you are. If you're keen of eye and fleet of foot, be thankful – but also take heed of your fellow human, who may have different gifts from your own. End of sermon from me, but be sure to read Ben's sharp observations on the subject.

Speaking of observations, Awix has some on actor Colin Firth. In fact, our contributors this week have been really observant: Minorvogonpoet has been people-watching in Brighton, and has tales to share. I've dredged up an old memory of a sneaky observation I made once involving a campus policeman's guilty pleasure. (It's not what you think. I don't care what you guessed, it's not what you think.)

Willem, ever-observant, brings us a wombat. Take a closer look at this interesting creature. We quiz you on bad cinema and talk to you about bad information. We have some racy pics, too, and space has FINALLY turned up a scary alien. Well, if you look hard…

In short, this issue is full of fun. Remember to send in your guilty pleasure stories while there's still time. Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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