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Posted: 4th August 2014


They would be surprised if these museum exhibits took off.This week has been full of surprises. The UK had heat, while the 'sunny' US South has had rain and coolth. Your Editor has been pleasantly surprised that Windows 8 turned out to be less frightening than predicted – I'm only cursing at it once an hour, now, Pastey – and the Post's contributors have been overwhelming us with wonderful stories and pics.

What wasn't surprising was how well Magwitch coped with the editing duties last week, while the useless Luddite was muttering about technology. Of course she makes it look easy. Mags is such a pro, and we're privileged to have her. That's the great thing about h2g2: somebody always has your back. And you people responded with kindness and enthusiasm to last week's issue, so we're proud of you, too. Now, enough of this mutual admiration society. Let's get to the Stuff.

Willem's got a badger. (Tell 2legs.) Tavaron's got lovely things on her balcony. Cactuscafe has strange ideas in her head. So does the Prof. So does poor Nigel, who's having an identity crisis, what with the technological changes to the Paint program in the recent upgrade…

Ben's back at ATOS, while Awix is back watching superheroes. He never gets enough of them, apparently. This week, our critic sent this Editor a video from the Commonwealth Games. What was Jason Statham doing up on that diving platform? I guess England expected…but what England got was a near-bellyflop. Stick to acting, fella.

Now that we're not taking up all of her free time, Mags is gaming again. She's going to tell you about it. It's part of the Create Challenge this month, which is about Encounters. Have you met anyone interesting? No, they don't have to be famous. It doesn't have to have been a life-changing event. But if you want to tell us about it, we want to know. Pics are welcome, too.

If you haven't met anybody, go out and meet someone. But be sure to read this issue first. Lots to enjoy.

Have a good week, and stay out of the rain.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Honey Badger by Willem
  • .

  • Vienna Volksgarten



  • Arachnid tomato stalk.
  • Lavender and oleander.


  • Rock solid.
  • Elevator girl.

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