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Posted: 28th July 2014

Technology fails, fun and games and a journey from boyhood to manhood

Mail carrier with face mask, 1918. What a week this has been, scorching temperatures in Manchester (and elsewhere) and a few flaring tempers in the Gheorgheni household, no doubt, due to technology failure. Here's hoping that Dmitri will be back up and running again soon.
We have a jam-packed issue this week, which is typical as I was all my lonesome. We Post Editors soldier on regardless, though.
So what are the highlights? There are plenty in here. With the Commonwealth Games starting last week, Galaxy Babe tells us all about the Opening Ceremony. We're looking at memorable encounters in Create next month. Have you met any of the competing athletes? One thing you probably don't want to meet is Willem's Dung Beetle, I have had an inherent phobia of beetles ever since one fell down the back of my t-shirt when I little girl *shudder*. The quiz this week is about the Spanish 'flu, what do you know about it? Test yourself. Cactuscafe returns with the thought-provoking h2g2 Comic and Dmitri poses a challenge in Writing Right.

Elsewhere Magwitch, that’s me by the way, takes you on a beguiling Journey via the medium of video game (what else?), while Awix tells of a different kind of journey, through a boy’s life from 6 to 18 in the film Boyhood and Benjamin discovers how much carers are worth (not a lot as it turns out)

Whatever you do with your week, I hope you stay cool or warm as needed and come back again next week, when normal service will be resumed.


  • Flightless Dung Beetle by Willem
  • .

  • Karoo Gold by Willem



  • The Pinkertons always got their man.
  • Learning Klingon for travellers.

  • Athletics
  • July Create.

  • Editor at work.

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