May Create: Tav's Garden Story, Part Two

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Another garden story.

Tav's Garden Story: Part Two

This week I want to show you some of the plants which are currently in bloom in my parents' garden. They have a quite big garden of about 1000 Square meters with all kinds of bushes and flowers and a small vegetable patch. It's a very sunny garden but the soil is not very good, the ground in our area is mostly small rocks with only a thin layer of proper soil at the top.


The most prominent flowers are currently mum's purple Iris flowers. They are native in our area so they grow very well, although for some reason the purple ones seem to live longest. Mum also had some in different colors (dark red and white, I think), but they seem to be gone.


I could also catch some late blooms of the many lilac bushes in my parent's garden. They are all wilted by the time you read this, but I really love lilac, so I did my best to take a picture of some high up branches. Next to the typical lilac color there are also a few bushes with white blooms.

Fir tree

The next picture is probably not the most exciting one, but as this tree is so common here I wanted to share the bloom of a black pine tree. You can find these trees literally everywhere here and in the past their natural resin was collected and used to make turpentine and colophony. Today this is not done a lot anymore, but still you can find many trees which show the marks of the resin collectors (deep vertical channels in the trunks).


The last flower I want to show you is not yet in bloom this year, it will take another week or two, the picture was taken last year. It's a pink peony, of which mum also has quite a few. It’s another flower which I really like a lot, the smell alone is wonderful.

These are of course only few of the plants in my parents' garden. The apple, plum and sour cherry trees were already in bloom earlier this year. Some of the roses are already in bloom and the iris flowers will later be replaced by tiger lilies and poppy.

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