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The Prof has a story to tell you. Now, don't get scared… We think this is fiction…

The Ghost Sweeper

A magnifying glass resting on a piece of paper with the words 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' written across it. Alongside is a picture of Ms Mina Harker

This man to all intents and purposes doesn't exist. A 'night time' shadow of a man amongst the myriad of international travellers between countries throughout the world, as he uses a multitude of false passports to aid his travels, stamped at the different border controls as normal as he passes through their customs control areas, being in the various countries either on business or pleasure trips.

Apparently he is able to speak five or more languages fluently, even adding traces of local dialects.
He has been likened to the role of the Scarlet Pimpernel by the Author Baroness Emma Orczy.
He 'works' as a freelance 'hit man' and holds no allegiance to any country, organisation or individual and once he has agreed to a 'contract' he will not sell out to a higher bid or cancel a contract once made.

His rules are paramount before any contact is fully undertaken and any subsequent contract by the same payee; he will never detract from those rules and the steps he takes to remain 'invisible' have never been matched by any living person.
He will never consent to any personal contact or the meeting of his 'employer' or 'their' employees either by sight or speech and receives any relevant information through the internet, to contact him for his services the 'employer' has to place a coded message and an internet link on a particular open forum site recognised as the one he views. From there, after he replies (if he replies) they'll move elsewhere. He will designate the 'the meeting place' (see further down) so details of the contract can be discussed and to which the payment is debated, always paid up-front which he asks for or no contract is undertaken, payment is entered in to a safe bank account and checked before any contract begins to be carried out.

As far as it is known, he has never turned a contract down and has never failed in completing one; therefore he's never had to return a fee, these can run into hundreds of thousands of American dollars, his favourite currency as it's a world commodity and easily moved about.

To enlighten readers a little, the said bank account will automatically transfer its funds after a password is entered and is then split between other accounts and onwards to who knows how many other accounts and where in the world they are?

He never asks who his 'financer' is and doesn't hold any preference to organisations of any sorts or governments being the financer, as long as they pay his fee. One of his many skills is that he is a master of PC programming (this includes the art of hacking) as his whereabouts cannot be detected, as he 'uses' multiple pc's around the world covertly to keep his existence private. This is how he can 'arrange' to share details of contracts etc untraced by anyone.
(Just to enlighten you!) someone's home pc, could! Theoretically be 'infected' by a small deeply hidden program that will pass information a few bytes at a time on to another pc, without the owner knowing of it being there) Do this a few times on other pc's around the world and it's virtually impossible to back trace where it started and where it went to – making the Ghost Sweepers' identity 99.9% secure, as a cut-off could sever the link between two pc's if a trace was detected.

Moving on – His method of assassination depends on the contract target; but his personal preference is to make them look like an accident. This brings less attention in the media and any subsequent investigation. He will utilise other methods to achieve his contract, but will always try to keep it low profile away from the public attention.

As much as 'they' use him, he is on every governments wanted list and on every large criminal organisations hit list.

But as there are no pictures or any relevant information to finding the identity of whom this man is, he will remain as the elusive Ghost Sweeper.

Just to put a finer point on it, although he 'makes mega bucks (dollars) from his profession, his lifestyle still doesn't give any outward clue to who he is? Is he just one of the 'jet set' of rich folk? Live in a mansion? penthouse suite? Then again! He could be just a neighbour in a city or town
Street. He theoretically could be YOUR neighbour, coming and going in any popular make of sedan/saloon.
Mr None Standout, not meriting a second glance.

Now! If you're expecting to read on, for a following story about any or all of his 'hits' then I'm afraid you're out of luck, because there are none, because none have ever made the headlines in any form of news media
This man to all intents and purposes doesn't exist.

Keep an eye open though, and if you can spot him, make him out. There could be a finder's fee!

A Ninja
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