Rod's Green Man Part 17

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One Man's Woodcraft: Carving.

The Green Man: Part 16

Rod's Green Man, part 17.

A bit of good fortune came my way – a few days of light duties (house in reasonable order, weather not so good so garden project can wait) culminating in nearly two whole days free.


Set to with a will, and with nary a thought for His public or the Post.

A fair amount got done after, heart in mouth, cutting away a part of the bottom surrounds to see what it would look like. Satisfied, I did some more.
I think He likes it.

Before that stage, I'd spent quite some time with files and sandpaper, smoothing out most of the chisel marks.

There were two reasons for that: One to show his face a bit more realistically and Two, because of the leaf veins. Coping with rough surfaces while doing the fiddly, delicate cutting-in wasn't satisfactory, so smoother surfaces were in order and yes, much easier, much better looking.

Something else there was, to be said. Oh yes, His eyes. Before the sanding, set up the jig for the router, discover that the only cutter of about the right size for His pupils is shorter than needed.
It was (or should have been) obvious really that the jig, sitting on the side surrounds, would raise the router an uncomfortable amount.

[ Plan Ahea ]

[ d ]

OK. They'll go about 5 or 6mm deep so do it. Now what? Ah, got a drill bit just that size.
Heart again in mouth, tongue between teeth, hold breath ... Steady now … Drill in. Again, t'other side.



His right eye is (almost) 42mm deep (left one, about 39).

Oh happy days!

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