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Your QotD Archivist is back with the month's quotable quotes.

December Quote Review

An interrobang, a combination of question and exclamation marks.

I know I said back in the April Review that I'd do another Quote of The Day review soon, and it's now been seven months, but I can only plead the same weak and insubstantial excuse that I did back then – that life continues to remain annoyingly busy. I'd have so much more time to do things if there wasn't so much to do. Pathetic, I know. But there you are. Anyway, back to QoTD, and with only one month of the year left to go, competition for the 2013 Quote of The Day crown has become quite intense. And looking over the locations onsite that Quotes came from in November, I think we can declare this years' NaJoPoMo a resounding success.

The NaJoPoMo effect

A quick scan of the November leaderboard reveals an interesting nugget of news. Though, as is traditional, Askh2g2 tops the locations board, it only has 6 hits, and it is outnumbered by almost 4 to 1 if you add together the number of posts taken from various researcher's journals over the course of the month. This is highly unusual, and must surely be a result of the increased amount of time researcher took reading and writing journals the h2g2 Nation's Journal Posting Month.

Over of the personnel side of the leaderboard, pebblederook clearly dominates with 5 Quotes to his name during November, this continues a strong showing from him, but we'll come to that later. Following pebblederook at a respectable distance are 2legs and Gnomon on 3 Quotes apiece. And they are, in turn, followed by Amy Pawloski, Icy North and KB all on 2 Quotes each. Behind them are a number of the usual suspects, and few who appear more sparingly like Bald Bloke, minorvogonpoet and Willem all sitting on 1 Quote.

So a good result for pebblederook, but the real winner of the month must surely be NaJoPoMo. Well done to everyone who took part.

The bigger picture

Last year Icy North and Edward the Bonobo were joint winners with 11 Quotes each. This year, with a month still to go, there are seven researchers who have already equalled or bettered that score, and who the ultimate champion will be is still far from decided. Admittedly, Icy North is at the top of the tree at the moment with 17 Quotes, but he is closely followed by a chasing pack of four researchers all with 16 Quotes – they are 2legs, KB, paulh and pebblederook. Any of these fine folks could take it in the end, but pebblederook is perhaps the most dangerous. He topped the monthly boards in August and October as well as this last month; in fact those three months account for 15 of his 16 Quotes. He has, therefore, been the top scorer in the latter half of the year, and if that run continues he could well snatch the crown from Icy. If it continues, that is.

Quote of the recent past

This being the first review for a while, I'm actually going to suggest one of my favourite Quotes from the last few months, rather than any from November. But, of course, it's not really up to me to decide on the best Quote. You are quite capable of working your favourite out for yourself. Go on, just have a look at the archive and make your own mind up. But, for me, I humbly recommend The Thinker's Quote from the 18th of October:

Qwertyus, god of keyboards, is a character from geek mythology.

If you happen to spot words on the site of equal, or if possible greater, genius then please send them in to [email protected]. You could be deciding the QotD champion of the year with your submission, you know. You really could.

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