A Stone of Remembrance

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We sent our roving Post Reporter to Totnes to find the Brutus Stone. This is what she found.

A Stone of Remembrance

Brutus Stone in Totnes.

Had fun with the Brutus Stone piccies!!! I attracted a crowd. I timed it just as the Remembrance Day service was ending, so all the people passed me by, while I was photographing the Stone. They were delighted.

Explanation of the Brutus Stone in Totnes.

I said I was doing a project for a friend in the States. One lady said she'd never noticed the Stone before and she's lived in Totnes for ten years. She thanked my friend in the States.

Brutus Stone in Totnes.

Then suddenly a lovely lady stands on the stone and declares 'Here I stand, here I rest, this place shall be called Totnes'! (which I think comes from the legend??). I wanted to video her, but she went all shy. She's a true Totnesian, born and bred, and was so delighted we were taking an interest in her town, and thanks to the elusive American historian that I told her about.

Celebrating the Brutus Stone in Totnes.

A debate followed, because the Stone has been moved around quite a few times, and the lady and her friend thought it should be on the wall, rather than on the pavement, but then you can't stand on it, and declare 'here I stand, here I rest!'.

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