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Posted: 2nd December 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Children in the snow in 1886. The winter winds blow, and we shall have snow…at least, in the northern hemisphere. We at the Post like to think globally, and right about now, what we're thinking is how much we envy Willem and Rod and all the other Researchers who aren't experiencing the onset of winter right now. Willem, your birdies aren't sitting the barn and hiding their heads under their wings, the lucky things, and we say thanks for sharing your good fortune with us by way of pictures. Rod's still working on his Green Man, too. This reminds us that not everyone is dealing with cold rain and two-duvet weather.

In the meantime, if you're in the cold climes, bundle up. You probably have to go holiday shopping. If you're making plans to celebrate – or avoid – the onrushing festivities, tell us about it. Create's December challenge is all about making the memories. Please keep in mind: The Post wants your poems, stories, and pics. (Lots of 'em!) The image to the left was just to get you in the mood.

Your Editor has a special holiday-related request. Down the page, you'll find the story about a carol. This one is about a Wildschwein, or wild boar, minus Asterix. (Sorry, Bluebottle.) The connection between feral porcine creatures and winter holidays is not, perhaps, as clear to us as it to the denizens of the Discworld. Anyway, here's the request: share some carols with us. Use the handy space below the entry to give us some links, background, and badinage. We'll be grateful. Your Editor is overworked.

Tavaron has some photographic wonders to show us, Ben's got some timely thoughts on tiredness, and Awix has the last word in cinema, as usual. The humour is where the humour always is, somewhere west of the Great Logic Divide.

So, shop, dodge the rain and snow, bake and make holiday plans. Be safe, and keep writing, friends!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Bateleur by Willem
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  • Koeln Bahnhof by Tavaron.



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