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Posted: 14th October 2013

All Over the Place

At least he has a cool hat.
This week, the Post, indeed, is all over the place. We're up in the clouds, and down in the depths. We're serious, frivolous, and everywhere in between. We'll take you places and show you things you never dreamed of. We'll tickle your fancy, and stir your imagination.

And, like our hero here, we'll look supercool doing it.

After all, it's fashion month, remember? Have you sent in your Create contribution yet? Of course you haven't. We haven't got it yet. So get cracking!

We've got some items to enliven your moribund fashion sense. There's a quiz, some Oddities, and more. We leave you to find them.

Beatrice takes us to places in Vegas we didn't know existed. Now that we know, we're not sure we want to set foot in the place, but hey, what's hitchhiking without some danger? Nigel and friends are weeping over NASA – they'll be back, guys, as soon as the politicians wise up. Closer to home, Bluebottle's back with some important SuperMarket stuff. Rod's been carving again, benjaminpmoore has been fighting the good fight, and Awix has been getting intellectual in the cinema. (He says his head hurts.)

Willem starts us off with some astounding views of the South African outdoors. This time, he's really outdone himself. You will not believe the animal and plant life. Just so you will, he's shared his usual amazing artistic vision.

Read, enjoy, leave comments. Get inspired, and take part! Remember: our gmail address is postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com. We want to hear from you!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Cricetomys gambianus by Willem
  • .

  • Lithops by Willem



  • Hotel New York New York, a recreation of the Big Apple skyline, with added rollercoaster
  • Nigel is devastated by the NASA shutdown.

  • Hot chick attracts cool men in 1910.
  • .

  • A fashion model of 1921.

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