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The sun is shining, the birds are singing in the trees and the air is warm and smells of grass. Open your doors and windows and let the sunshine into your home! Do you spend your afternoons reading in the garden or clipping the roses? Do you invite your friends to a party on the lawn? Do you have breakfast on your balcony or have pots full of colorful flowers? Do you like to visit parks and historic gardens? Or do you have your own private magical garden in your head?

Tell us about it!

Share your gardening tips with h2g2. Explain how to take care of flowers and how to grow vegetables and fruits. Tell us about animals that live in our garden, what they are for, how to attract hedgehogs and bees or how to keep the snails off our lettuce. We are grateful for any information from experienced gardeners.

If your garden is a bit small or you only have a balcony, don't be afraid! Many others are in the same situation. What do you do with your little space in the open air? Which flowers are perfect for small spaces and which vegetables can you grow in pots? How can you transform your miniature garden into a little paradise? If you are the kind of person who keeps a private jungle in their office or bedroom, we are very interested to hear about that, too.

And if all this is not for you, maybe you want to tell us about a special park or a historic garden at a castle or stately home. Maybe you even know about gardens in other countries or landscape design? Talk about English gardens, Chinese gardens, cactus gardens, alpine gardens and whatever other gardens there are.

Once all the clipping and watering is done, what can you do in your pretty garden? How do you plan the perfect garden party? How do you keep the children entertained in the garden or your local park? What kind of food should we prepare for picnics, parties and barbecues? Do you have advice for decoration?

Should all this not be enough for you be invited to tell us about growing potatoes in space and write a poem about your favourite tree. Make up a story about flower fairies and garden gnomes, paint a picture of a magical garden or whatever else you can come up with.

Whatever you do, don't forget to take photos!

And now go out and get inspired.

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