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Posted: 17th June 2013

Tinfoil Hat Wearers: We were RIGHT!

Running from the car.
Hello, netfriends! Do you feel like running from technology these days? You might, especially if you've got the memo about the NSA – that's a US 'security' agency. Their security, not yours. According to the latest whistleblower, they're like lolcats, in ur mobile, readin' ur texts. Unfortunately, they will not be satisfied with cheeseburgers. We suggest that you either revive the ancient art of sending your messages by carrier pigeon, or start really interesting Facebook pages. We can break the spy juggernaut, we can – just ask 2legs. He's already planning another tinfoil-hat campaign, as soon as he stashes away enough cheese.

Otherwise, we're enjoying summer. There are rumours that the sun has been sighted even in the UK. Wherever you go, whatever you do, have fun and remember to share your experiences with us at the Post. We may not have the budget of a major intelligence operation, but we're just as voyeuristic. Besides, the email's been getting thin lately. We absolutely promise not to send your photos to Wikileaks, even if we can't guarantee that Mr Obama isn't reading this.

Actually, we hope he is. We want everybody to read the Post. That's the point of it. This week, our stalwarts bring you news, views, and insights, as always. We will make you laugh. We hope we make you think. You might even be inspired to volunteer for something.

Speaking of intelligence: ITIWBS has shared the astounding news that the average US IQ is now 98. (Don't smirk: world IQ average is a whopping 90. We may be thicker than the UK's 100, but we're ahead of Canada.) See? Your teachers were right. All that TV made you dumber. Reading the h2g2 Post, however, will make you smarter. Keep banging the pixels together, you government people. Some day, you may even get our jokes.

Read, enjoy, share. Have a good week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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