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If you volunteer your time and creativity for h2g2, bless you – we mean that. You're worth your weight in gold-pressed latinum.
Maybe you've been thinking about it.
Maybe you're just wondering, 'What do those people do?
Here's a little something for everyone.

h2g2 Volunteering Is…

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  1. Volunteering means you can always tell your neighbour, 'I just heard from my friend in _____ [Name of exotic locale], and it's snowing (raining, hailing, earthquaking) there. ' You're in the know.
  2. Volunteering means you never have to worry that your email inbox will be empty when you turn on the computer.
  3. Volunteering means you'll hear the latest jokes first. And then pretend to laugh when you hear them again.
  4. Volunteering means your work is never done. Just when you've got one assignment to bed, somebody will email you with a new idea. You will groan and say, 'How clever you are!'
  5. Volunteering means your friends are all over the world. You can never get it all done at once, because they are, pick one: five hours ahead of you, ,three hours behind you, somewhere in the middle of tomorrow. Patience is required. It's not snail-mail, but sometimes, believe it or not, they're sleeping.
  6. Volunteering means occasionally having to say you're sorry. (If you don't get that reference, ask somebody old who was around in the 1970s.)
  7. Volunteering means you see the internet in a new way. Instead of saying, 'Oh, cool! A new app!', you ask, 'How will this benefit h2g2.com?'
  8. Volunteering means being happy to find new usernames among the posts. After all, every new user is a future volunteer.
  9. Volunteering means a chance to appreciate those people you've been chatting with for the last 14 years in a whole new way.
  10. Volunteering means remembering to say, 'Thank you.' THANK YOU to all volunteers.

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