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Posted: 29th April 2013

Break Out the Fireworks!

The First Page of the Paper Post.

Don't you hate it when you find a really cool book – and then discover it's the third in a series? 'Oh, bother,' you think. 'Now I'll have to guess what kind of history these people have. Then I'll have to go back and read the other stories to catch up.' Ayup. We do that. The same goes for comics, movies, and, well, websites. But look at is this way: you're guaranteed the pleasure of the catch-up. There's a whole fun backlog to deal with.

Why am I nattering on about this? Because we're celebrating h2g2's 14th birthday. Okay, okay. There are reasons for this:

  1. To brag, brag, brag. 'We were here first!'. (Years ago in London, a local told me, 'Do you know why one Londoner at a bus stop looks so smug? He's first in the queue.')
  2. To let people know there's lots more where that came from. (Weren't around back then? They didn't know what they were missing, did they?)

Now, I'm a bigger fan of (2) than (1). In this issue of the Post, however, we do a bit of bragging on those wonderful folks who started all this back in the last millennium. 1999 was the last millennium, so there. Amy Pawloski's starting a series of interviews with some of them. This is a fun way to catch up on all the history – at a safe distance from some of these people, who may be dangerous. Speaking of dangerous, Bluebottle, who was around back then (he's ancient), remembers the day the Post went hardcopy. Read all about it. We've dredged up some factoids for you to put the momentous occasion in contemporary perspective. Think you know all? Try the quiz. We've even got a retro cartoon to show you – Wowbagger's first in the Post.

The Post isn't looking backward, though. We have new Stuff, too. We immodestly think we just get better. We've got humour and advice and a review and splendid wildlife. We aren't going to run out of ideas anytime soon.

So keep reading, and keep writing. Raise your smiley - bubbly to the next 14 years!

Dmitri Gheorgheni



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