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Posted: 18th March 2013

Just What the Doctor Ordered

How are you feeling today?

Post softly, friends. Our Irish Researchers may be hung over, depending on how they chose to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Of course, we know that KB, Gnomon, TRiG, and Beatrice spent the day in church1. Not to mention Lerue. Malabarista, who sojourns on the Emerald Isle, probably re-enacted the saint's arrival in a goatskin boat, or some such. Anyway, shhh.

The rest of you may be preparing for spring or fall, depending on your equatorial alignment. Either way, you might be experiencing change-of-season blahs, or blues, or sinus. Boy, have we got an issue for you.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, sayeth the Scripture. Boy, are we merry. Awix has been to the cinema to see his hero Jason Statham, and comes to tell us about it. People have been reading. As you may have noticed, h2g2 is full of Writers – real ones, we mean, with books and everything. There are two book reviews of Post-related publications in this issue: Pastey tells of Eustace, and jwf sings the praises of our own Pheroneous' Mr P (and George). You're in for treats.

Do we have wildlife, real and imaginary? Check. Do we have cartoons? (Do they lock up cardinals2?) Do we have rants, and poetry, and a quiz? Check, check, check. Is Nigel nutty? Well, duh.

On the Edited Guide front, we're blooming with a bumper crop of spring entries in answer to the March Create Challenge, which is to write short Guide Entries. The entries so far are fun to read – we've got How to Smell a Ponderosa Pine, for example, or Urban Fantasy: Vampire Porn, Feminist Pipe-Dream or Misfits' Revenge? Now you know you want to read and comment. Nip over to Peer Review and join in the mayhem fun.

And have a great week, wherever you are!

Dmitri Gheorgheni



  • Arum Lily Frog by Willem
  •  White Arum Lily by Willen


  • Eustace
  • A group of people raving at a party. By Community Artist Jimster.

  • Can you see the picture on this 1935 TV show?





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