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Well, that could have gone worse.

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The furtherly traditional post-Oscars preview post-Oscars preview review and summary...

Best Documentary - Winner: Searching for Sugar Man. My prediction: The Imposter. A terrific result, as this was probably my favourite film of last year. I've no idea why I tipped The Imposter, as it wasn't actually nominated. Hey ho. If I'd been paying more attention I would have called this one correctly, so I'm going to award myself half a point.

Best Anne Hathaway - Winner: Anne Hathaway. My prediction: Anne Hathaway. Not exactly a tough one, but it still counts. Point.

Best Supporting Actor - Winner: Christoph Waltz. My prediction: Philip Seymour Hoffman. Possibly my Tarantino aversion getting in my way here. Hum. Haven't seen the movie so can't really comment in detail.

Best Actress - Winner: Jennifer Lawrence. My prediction: Jessica Chastain. Lawrence's performance is a bit more traditionally actorly than Chastain's, but that's no bad thing. Interesting to see how Jennifer Lawrence attempts to maintain her top-of-both-trees career doing blockbusters and more serious projects in tandem.

Best Actor - Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis. My prediction: Daniel Day-Lewis. The prediction was mainly based on buzz and subject matter. I'm off to see Lincoln this week so may share my actual thoughts on the movie in the near future. Point.

Best Director - Winner: Ang Lee. My prediction: Ang Lee. This was pretty much a guess so I don't feel I can feel too smug. The movie was technically very impressive so Lee is a worthy winner in many ways. Point.

Best Picture - Winner: Argo. My prediction: Argo. Funnily enough, when I saw Argo I really enjoyed it, but never would have said it had Oscar success written all over it. What are we to make of a world where Ben Affleck is now an Oscar-winning hyphenate? Maybe this means Daredevil 2 is now back on the slate, but somehow I doubt it. Point.

Anyway that comes to roughly a 64% hit rate (would've been 70 if I'd bothered to read the documentary nominations properly). Compared to 83% last year, 66% in 2011 and 75% in 2004, this is a historically poor result. Sorry everyone. Must try harder next year.

Well, that could have gone worse.

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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Don't feel bad, I think you did fairly well given the arbitrary nature of these awards. I am just sorry that the Palestinian entry of 5 cameras didn't do better but given the current political climate I can't say I was surprised. I hope it finds a good distributor here in the US so that Americans can see the apartheid bull Israel is pulling. Not that our behaviour in occupied lands is any better mind but still it would be nice to encourage people living in fear that we would ot contribute to their oppression. Sorry for the soapbox. Back to the flix.smiley - smiley

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