A Moving Halloween Tale

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Galaxy Babe brings us some wonderful memories.

A Moving Halloween Tale

From a very young age my youngest child Andrew has loved Halloween. He says it's his favourite day of the year (until Christmas and his birthday, of course)! When he was little I encouraged him to dress up and go round the neighbours (not too far) and he loved coming home to show off his collection of sweets and coppers. As he grew older, his taste in all things gory got gorier, and he seemed more interested in scaring the dressed-up people who turned up at our door for trick or treat than going out himself. By the time he was a teenager, he got very daring. Dressing completely in black, he stood as a statue in the front garden. Then when unsuspecting visitors walked down our path, he'd move, just a little. One of the group would say "that statue's alive" and the girls would scream. One time, the kids taunted him so he left the plinth and chased after them, they all ran off screaming. The following day a little boy came round and knocked on the door. He told me he was with the group who had been chased by the "living statue" last night and it was the best night of his life (he was about 8) and he had also loved our decorations. He even remembered us the following year, telling his group of friends that we had "the best Halloween house in Cleethorpes".

I have two personal Halloween memories which stick in my mind. A day after one Halloween, my grass cutter called, asked if I wanted the lawns trimming. I went to open the gates, and began to clear away the decorations that had been left out. The lawn man waited while I moved on to the plastic barbed wire, and boy did he squeal when I gripped it with my hands to pull it away from the bushes. Poor man, he'd thought it was real! Bwahaha!

One Halloween early evening two mothers with tiny tots dressed as vampires and werewolves approached my gate. One mother stayed at the gate while the other walked the children forward, but while she didn't take her eyes off the "statue" in the middle of my lawn, the children took no notice at all, they were more interested in the goodies I had to offer. Then the statue moved, just after the mother at the door had took her eyes off him. The mother at the gate called "that statue MOVED!" Then Andrew raised his arms and moaned. The mother at my door screamed, grabbed the children and took off. You have never seen a cleaner pair of heels. The poor mother at the gate slipped to the ground, she was laughing so hard. I was still standing at the door, laughing at her. Eventually she got up, dabbed her eyes, and followed in the direction of her friend, waving to me and shouting "Thanks!" as she left.

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