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who didn't their pack

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smiley - towel then smiley - bigeyes

who didn't their pack

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - towel

I am slow in responding to what I assume is your
expression of appreciation for my poesy because
I have been at a loss to understand it. I have given
the subject line much thought and have to now admit
I suspect a word or two may be missing which renders
its meaning beyond my comprehension.

Perhaps this is merely divine justice meted out to poets
as fair dues for being obscure and often irrationally obscure.

Now, the only thing worse than asking someone to explain
a joke is having to ask a true wit such as yourself to expand
upon the soul of their brevity. But I am losing sleep.

I appreciate 'their' has great potential for a pun in the use
of the third person possessive. And I wonder if a 'pack' has
some colloquial interpretation in a slang or dialect lost to my
colonial and elderly whirled view. I am aware that the content
of a male bathing suit may be known as a package.

But 'there' seems to be a verb missing from the subject
'who didn't their pack'.

I seem to have thought my way into blind alley in which
unmentioned and perhaps unmentionable 'trunks' may be
a relevant notion - as in a pair of swimming trunks
or that of an elephrump.
smiley - mammoth
Is it about elephrumps who forgot to pack their trunks?

smiley - winkeye

who didn't their pack

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smiley - headhurts

smiley - laugh elephants that forgot to pack their trunks

I do apologise ~fwj~ for firstly my unstructured thoughts when reading your poem and secondly for my inability to structure a sentence and for any sleep that may have cost you

if it is any comfort I awoke at 4am and could hear the sea swooshing and I thought of you and thongs and sarongs and worried about my intepretation of your poem

but hey I thought, all I said was that you didn't pack your towel, that is harmless right, oh how wrong I was

but yes I do appreciate your poetry smiley - cheers

in future I will stick to a simple thanks smiley - winkeye

smiley - tea and smiley - cake

who didn't their pack

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Freshly Vaccinated

Peanut, you know where your smiley - towel is. smiley - winkeye

You also know that this guy will talk you to death...smiley - run

who didn't their pack

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - laugh

Thank you Peanut.
And fear not for my loss of sleep.
I get about 12 hours a day anyway.
smiley - winkeye
And Truth to tell I enjoy a mystery
and a chance to look at things from
all possible angles. But mostly I am
pleased that my playing with words
can churn the imagination of others.

And yeah, I do often talk people to sleep.
smiley - zzz
Will keep my towel handy.
They make a good pillow.
smiley - towel

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