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A Guide to the V V o' ~jwf~

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

This thread will be for my suggestions
on how to get the most out of the many
entries listed above.

I must confess that my own favourite is
The Divine Wind (Kamikaze) and it also
receives the most positive responses.
It is a good place to start. And end.

It is relatively accessible and easy to
understand - and if you enjoy it, maybe
it's all you need to know of ~jwf~.

Written as a folky song way back in the
1960s it has haunted me ever since. It
has a romantic undertone and a youthful
contempt for war and violence with a high
veneration for music - all classic themes
with wider appeal.

Gypsy Music is from the same strange days
with similar romantic and antiwar notions.

The rest are mainly logical and semantic
gymnastics from later years. Full of my
own forms of bitter twisted ironies and
speciously cunning linguistics. But in the
interest of full disclosure I will try to add
a few more explanatory notes here.

A Guide to the V V o' ~jwf~

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~ jwf ~ scribblo ergo sum

smiley - pirate Major Settlements On the Island of Dr Moreau
is just a study in words and they way we have
developed a kind of reverse anthropomorphisation
for virtually every other species in our attempt
to describe each other.

It may not be poetry but it's meant to be fun.

smiley - dog

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