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Car driver William heard a hum from in front
It niggled his nerves and made him to grunt
He flicked all the switches and all knobs he twiddled
The noise continued – however he fiddled
He took out a spanner and loosened the wheel
The gearstick came off, well that's no big deal
The handbrake dismantled the car held its poise
But still he could hear that troublesome noise

The carpets soon came out and so did the seat
The wheels off, on axle stands, t'was no mean feat
He took out the windows and seat belts and lighter
The noise just continued but he was a fighter.
Then just as he noticed that he'd near made a sonnet
He heard, "Gee, Bill! You've sure got a bee in your bonnet!"
The bonnet of a Nissan Figaro car.

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