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Drop him immediately

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Lanzababy - Guide Editor


I had a driving instructor that was so horrible, that I stopped the car and got out, prepared to walk back to the office and complain. I told him I didn't pay to be shouted at.

In fact I did arrange to take one more lesson with this monster, as I thought if I could drive properly with somebody haranguing me from the passenger seat then I might stand a chance of passing my test. However, when I turned up for the lesson, a replacement driver from the school ( it was AA) was there and told me the other guy 'was no longer one of their drivers).

I would most certainly complain to the driving school, and even forward the text to them as he is poaching their customers too.

Drop him immediately

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At the moment I'm waiting a couple of weeks for things to calm down at work before having any more lessons. I don't want to have lessons after work or weekends as I want to spend as much time with the family as I can, and so lunchtime is the best time (although we're approaching one of the busiest times of year).
I definitely want to change instructor, though. Since I wrote the above he cancelled the next lesson I was due to have an hour before (he said his son was ill, and sadly I'm not entirely convinced that this was true) and texted me 3 times saying "I'll teach you on Sunday" even though I had said from the beginning that I didn't want to lose time spent with the family (and I was up north, too smiley - winkeye) and wouldn't be available that Sunday in any case...


Drop him immediately

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aka Bel - A87832164

I hope you'll find something convenient soon - and not someone who rips you off your money! smiley - ok

Drop him immediately

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Dearest Bluebottle. This situation, I am afraid, is of your own making. Over here in England we have a saying. "You get what you pay for!". By looking for a bargain, you have scraped the bottom of the barrel. I might also suggest that, not being blessed, by your own admission, with the naivety and tolerance of youth, you need to accept that you may be a little 'set in your ways' and thus don't like being shouted at by idiots, or stood up by philanderers. I suggest, dear Bluebottle, that you may be reaching a phase in your life when you can hold your head up high and say proudly "I deserve the best" because, obviously, "you are worth it". Discard this useless instructor, pick up the yellow pages (a predecessor of this silly internet thingy) and search out the best instructor you can find, take up references, fix a schedule and (I know its hard) pay the proper price!

Drop him immediately

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Lesson learned, I'll be more wary next time. smiley - winkeye


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