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Inspiration does indeed come in many forms, and, for me at least, its not always obvious. Sometimes its like a jolt or a fizz.

I like essays about inspiration. They inspire me. The word inspiration inspires me. I would start going on about its origin, but I forgot it, and my eyes have gone smoky. Too smoky for research. That doesn't mean I am smoking. I don't smoke. Is this relevant? No!

Back to inspiration. Well, thanks for this work, very inspiring. Now I want to go over to my journal and write obscure entries about inspiration.

If I hit a writing roll, its all your fault, friendy friend. hahah.

I always remember the painter Joan Miro on the subject of creative inspiration. I wrote the quote in my notebook about forty years ago, and I should really tattoo it behind my smoky eyes...sorry to quote all over here ... just this once ...

Joan Miro

Propitious ... propitious ...

OK I go smiley - run


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Dmitri Gheorgheni, Post Editor


And then you say, 'as if it were something breathing', (Juan Miro), and I go, yeah. smiley - hug Thanks. smiley - biggrin

That's exactly what I meant. I thought it was neat that all those people were talking to each other, breathing stuff in and out. smiley - winkeye

And if you write stuff, then, heh-heh, we get to read it and breathe it in, too...smiley - run


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Inspirare ... yes! yes! ... sorta like Latin, well, in fact, Latin, to breathe in ... the breath of inspiration.


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